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so there were really rumors about taemin and kai being an actual couple? how did I missed that? how come? (I adore their friendship I'm just surprised (and not) that it became a rumor and that some people have "evidences")

(this is gonna be really long i’m so sorry)

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Hey do you know where one can watch that dance battle of Taekai?

If you’re referring to this, it was some sort of poll they had for the show, not an actual dance battle sorry! :(

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taekai secretly glancing at each other…

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Kai & Taemin mv/teaser scene similarity
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131114 gif

131114 KAI crying!!!!!

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taekai 131114 fancam

Taemin won against Kai for ‘Who’s the Best Dancer’
Taemin won against Kai for ‘Who’s the Best Dancer’
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Kai and Taemchick ( ̄ー ̄)
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someone to save you - taekai


~800 words, pg, angst and fluff. 

for chocolatecoveredchocolate's birthday! she requested a thing based on this post a while ago and I promised her something nice for her birthday and I don’t know if she remembers this but yep I did and here it is c:

Jongin doesn’t like the person he’s become.

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