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hi sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask you if you knew some good taekai fic ^^

here, here, and here!

and Shadows of the Mess We Made

as a little something extra!

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OTL i just saw the link in one of your posts of the flight attendant fic lol sorry for bothering you

no bother at all! glad you found it :)

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hi! im looking for compilation of taekai fluff fic, if possible, i want the recent one. thanks in advance! taekai is ♥♥

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for mr-jongin ~

a fill for this lil prompt


but hopefully this works. ye.

nc17, ladies and gentlemen

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Taekai Smut Compilation

Here’s some taekai smut for those of you looking for decent reads!


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (epilogue)



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taekai fic
Hello there , I really like your blog , nice job , anyway I wanted to ask a question kinda of old , I red somewhere that Kwonho went along with taekai in their vacation to Japan , is that right ? , thank you so much

Hi, we’re glad you’re enjoying the taekai!

To answer your question, Kwonho accompanying Taemin and Jongin seems to have been just a confusing rumor. He was already in the army by the time taekai went to Japan (he went out with friends, including Taemin, before he enlisted, but Jongin had schedule and couldn’t come with them) and none of the fanaccounts from the trip mention Kwonho, only someone a lot older than taekai assumed to be a manager. In the article where Taemin talked about the trip in detail he also only mentioned Jongin, and none of his answers indicated that there would’ve been anyone else there with them.

So no, as far as we know it was just the two of them on their vacation :)

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taekai performing pretty boy

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Hello! Most of shinee blogs I follow are 2min shippers, but I like taekai more. However I still wonder why people like 2min so much. Could you please tell me your thoughts on this? Is taekai different from 2min and how? Do you think Taemin likes Minho more than Kai? I really want to hear your opinion! Thank you! <3

Hi there! Although this is strictly a taekai-only blog, I’ll answer this because it’s already been sent in.

Everyone has a different viewpoint on things and everyone is entitled to their own ship and reasons for shipping. What we lack to see in certain ships, others may glorify and vice versa. In terms of Taemin liking Minho more than Kai, we really can’t determine that. That’s all up to him.

I’ve seen a lot of conflicting posts in the taekai tag and I feel like (and i’m sure you all know it too) there’s really no reason to be fighting or making comparisons between ships. There’s no actual ‘real’ ship. It could be real to you, and that’s fine, that’s your own opinion, but shoving it down other people’s throats (and tags), aren’t necessary. So, I’m really begging all of you that are making posts comparing taekai to another ship, to please stop. Please go find something better to do with your time. Use these great disputing skills of yours to do something more worthwhile, like joining a debate team or becoming a lawyer.

And I don’t mean to come off as rude, but I’m sure most of us are tired of the constant ship wars and want it to stop. So please, stop tagging taekai in posts that have nothing to do with taekai just to cause more arguments and stop creating posts comparing which ship is more real. And honestly, if you need to constantly tell yourself or make posts claiming that your ship is more real than another, then you clearly don’t have any faith in your ship at all.

If you ship taekai, that’s great! If you don’t ship taekai, that’s also great! If you know what tickles your peach at the end of the day, then that’s all that matters. 

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cr: to the owner


cr: to the owner

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140831 - Taemin ‘ACE’ fansign : IFC Mall, Yeongdeungpo

cr: @kataemkr

wtf is this Lee Taemin..hahaha

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